Storing Your Lawn Tractor? 4 Easy Steps For Storing It Properly

A storage unit is a great place to store your lawn tractor when you don't have to use it for several months. However, you can't simply pull your tractor into the unit and leave it. There is a little prep that you must to to ensure that your riding mower will be in optimal condition when you need it again. If you fail to get your tractor ready for storage, you could have a mess of issues to deal with before you can use it again.

Landscaping For Hummingbirds

Many people enjoy the presence of hummingbirds and often hang feeders or change their landscaping to accommodate them. If you like hummingbirds and are planning to renovate the landscape around your home or business, you may want to consider a hummingbird-friendly design. These designs don't only involve flowers, but a myriad of plants that have different functions. Landscaping for hummingbirds has the added benefit of attracting butterflies as well. Here are a few tips for a hummingbird-friendly garden.

Three Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Fertilizer Company

 Even though it's autumn time, there is still a lot to think about with your lawn. There are many different methods that people use to keep their lawn looking its best, but the best-kept secret is not just how much water you put into your lawn, but using fertilizer. While there are many different varieties of fertilizer available on home improvement store shelves, there are companies that can come to your house and do fertilizer applications for you.

Four Organic Weed Control Strategies For A Perennial Edible Garden

Combating weeds in the garden can be especially challenging if you are trying to avoid harmful chemicals. Nowhere is this more true than in a perennial edible garden. If you are growing asparagus, rhubarb, walking onions, or other perennial vegetable plants, you need an integrated weed control approach that won't disturb the roots of these long-lived plants. The following strategies can help. Strategy #1: Cover It Up Black plastic is a common weed blocking tool in an annual garden, but it doesn't last long enough to make it worthwhile in a perennial bed.