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Situations That Require Zero Turn Mowers

There are definitely times when a zero-turn mower is going to be of great benefit to you due to its nature. These mowers have an effective turning radius of zero, giving them a lot of versatility in certain situations. Here are some examples of situations where zero turn motors are particularly useful.

Large Lawns

If you have a lot of area to cover in your mower, then going with a model that saves time is generally important. Zero turn mowers have this advantage because they comprise only two levers usually instead of a wheel. This allows them to turn on a dime, or "zero turning radius." When you have a long turning radius such as with other mowers, this often means you have to circle back again in order to cover ground you missed the first time.

But, with zero turn mowers, this is much less of a problem and you can just do one pass. If you have a lot of ground to cover, going over ground that was already mowed in order to get the right angle for the ground you missed is going to be a major waste of time. Some sources say you can save up to 70 percent of your time this way.

Many Obstacles

If your lawn has a lot of obstacles in the way such as bushes, lawn ornaments, decorative stones, ponds, or anything else, the high-degree of maneuverability from your zero-turn mower is going to really help as well. If you're in a traditional mower, you're going to have to have enough room in between bushes in order to not risk running into them. In a zero turn mower, you can just pull up the appropriate lever and turn instantly.

The Need for Closer Cuts

Most zero turn mowers have a higher speed for the blade tips which means that you can get a closer cut. This is important in cases where you may be in a neighborhood that requires more cleanly cut lawns. The mowers are also often known for being more effective at mulching as well, so this could be important if gardens and mulch are an essential part of what you either want for your lawn or what you have to put there do to neighborhood rules.

Overall, zero turn mowers excel in situations where traditional mowers have serious trouble such as close quarters or over huge distances due to their maneuverability and efficiency. This is when you should consider buying them especially.